Sunday, March 1, 2009

Library Subjects List

These suggestions came from the book "The Well Trained Mind". I loved them so much I decided to implement them in our homeschool library trips:

Each child picks out one book in each of the following subjects:

*One science book
*One history book
*One art or music appreciation book
*One practical book (i.e. hobby, craft or "how-to")
*One biography or autobiography book
*One classic novel
*An imaginative story book
*One book of poetry

The kids can pick out any title, but they have to have something in each category. Each child has a week to read each book before they go back again the next week.


fawndear said...

These are great suggestions for adults as well. Now I'm wanting to go to the library.
Girl you are giving me way to many fun ideas.

Jane said...

This is really a wonderful idea! I read your post last night and as I have been thinking about how could we do this. I was thinking that each child could have their own library card and their own book bag. To take with them to the library. Im so excited to share this with them. Thanks so much for your inspiration! : )

Shiloah Baker said...

You are welcome! :) Glad you can use it too!