Saturday, August 8, 2009

Making My Life Easier

Ok, I am a temp. single mom again and I have to find things that will make my life easier to homeschool, run a business online, write, read, etc. etc. So, after much thought and prayer I thought I should have the younger kids learn their math facts with DVD's and music!

Ha, what a concept?

Am I just a late bloomer on this? Anyway, I've begun the search but so far have come up with some that are really annoying. I have to listen to it too, so I want to at least find it "catchy." One rock math song I listened to was just I'm still on a quest. If you have any to share, please do! When I find some, I will blog about it. :)


Susannah said...

The Math-U-See skip count songs are good. The CD also teaches the addition facts of 9, 8, doubles (3+3), making 10 (2+8), making 9 (5+4), and the "extras" meaning they don't fit a pattern. My kids really like them. HTH.

Shiloah Baker said...

Thank you, Susannah, that is very helpful!

3Janes said...

Ok my girls like ronkn'learn CDs. They ahve rock, country adn rap versions. Google them adn you can hear samples on their website :-) (PS Wasn't I the one who told you about Veritas Press?)

3Janes said...

Soryy not the best typer it's ROCK n learn!! :-))