Saturday, January 31, 2009

What we are reading and Mentors

I thought I would take a little moment and write on the importance of Mentors. Mentors are often overlooked or unrecognized. I was thinking about those who are mentors in my life. One that came to mind is my Scrapbooking Consultant. It is a relatively new hobby for me and I have enjoy my monthly scrapbook night. While it is a definite opportunity for a mom's night out, I have learned a great deal of techniques for paper crafting, preserving family memories and photography. These are also something that I share with my kids. While we have a digital camera, it isn't the best, so we bought a second one on ebay for cheap and we let our kids have at it. It has been fun watching them take pictures from their perspective and then desire to preserve them in their own way as well. So that is one, while it may not seem related to TJed, it is for me...because it is mine. Other mentors for me would have to be the mothers at the Women's Colloquium that I attend monthly. I can't count the times where they have broadened my horizons on what we are reading and helped me to see and understand things in a different light. They give me support and encouragement in ways that are priceless. Other mentors would be those from my church. They teach me, inspire me and I often carry that home to my children. Additionally, my husband is a mentor. It is astonishing how he can put things in perspective and add reason where my logic has failed. And I would be ungrateful if I didn't mention my mother. While I was certain at the age of 18 I would leave her behind with the scars of my childhood. I am thankful for my husbands logic and reason that encouraged me to give her a second chance. Now that she too is free from an abusive relationship, she is a totally different woman. One whose wisdom is necessary for my survival and sanity. She is remarkable and I pray and hope that I can be that for my children....before they grow up!

Anyhow....seems like a tribute. But I hope you get that Mentors can go beyond the academic. Speaking of which....I am going to need one when the time is right...still working on my Love of Learning and am practicing being a scholar. I think that a good resource is my Women's Colloquium.

What we are reading....

Robinson Carusoe
Walking Drum by Louis Lamour- from my Women's Colloquium (I need to go get it on Monday at the Library)
A Tale of Two Cities- I still haven't finished this and I need to find the motivation to finish it.

DS #1
Indiana Jones
The City of Ember

What we are reading as a family-
Little House on the Prairie

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