Friday, May 7, 2010

What's Mine is Mine

Today I was talking to a close friend of mine and it got me really thinking about teaching what is mine. I know I have posted on this topic before...but isn't that such a strong part of TJED philosophy? After all... would I share it with you if it wasn't mine. This next year (School year), marks a big change for us. Our third child has been attending preschool for speech therapy and we are now about a month away from its completion and he will begin homeschooling with our older two kids. I await the freedom that comes from not having his schedule interfere with the spontaneity that can occur with the inspiration that is often unplanned in our home. We are planning on attending the commonwealth/mom's school/co-opland my friend was inquiring about our participation. I felt concerned about my abilities to help. I informed her that I could be there during that time, but that I didn't want to be assigned to have prepare stuff ahead of time....Until....we started talking about Nature School.

What is Nature School???? Well...Nature School is mine, not that you can't do your own, but it has been a way for me to spend time educating myself... for my own benefit but also so that my kids see me studying too. As a Scout Leader, I began to slowly develop an interest in the outdoors as I prepared to take my scouts on outings and I loved it. As the author of Last Child In the Woods says, Nature was his Ritalin (a drug often prescribed for those with ADHD/ADD). I found it true for myself. It was healing, inspiring, and I felt as if I was a better mother and person by being out in nature. Slowly it became mine. I have began collecting books, started a blog, Exploring Colorado and Beyond that chronicles our outings, infused my love for it into my scouting program, and even invited others to participate with us in our Nature School.

I get why mom schools can be so successful and perhaps why I felt my hesitation about being involved in teaching something at the co-op. Suddenly I felt unhindered at the thought of being able to share with others what is mine. And now... my first real endeavor in a mom school is the official start of nature school this summer. So what is mine is branching out beyond my family and that feels good. How about you... what is yours and how have you blessed your family and others with it? It would be good to hear about others way of incorporating this philosophy.

Oh and Shiloah... you are welcomed to join in on some if you can make it. We have got to hook up now that we are only about an hour apart.


Googs said...

I think it is great that you are willing to share something so personal and joyful to yourself, with others. Bravo and good luck!

Corine said...

That is just awesome! I too, LOVE LOVE, LOVE, (it just can't be overemphasized ;) nature. But I don't have my own nature school -and that really peaks my interest. I would love to hear more about it; if you ever blog about it, perhaps you could let me know. :)

I really don't know that I have anything that is "all my own" ~ though in a way, everything I do with my family is "all my own" (though if I did, it would be my example to my children to love our country and Constitution). I homeschool my kids and don't use a program. We learn from the best books, and I hope that we are all getting the individual education that is best for each of us.

Your terms interest me. I will have to look into the TJED some more. Thanks for sharing! :D Corine

kindredmamma said...

I do have a nature school blog in development right now.

I am working on putting in my resources and stuff there as time permits. Hopefully over the next month it will be bursting with activity. Still working it out, but you can see all the stuff we did last year there. Many families that use a child-led education fit very nicely within TJed. Not sure what resources we put on this blog. May I recommend the book, A Thomas Jefferson Education and A Thomas Jefferson Home Companion. All sorts of resources and if you want, we can help you find others in your community who apply it in their homeschooling.
Corine and Googs.... Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings. Makes me want to write more!