Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elevate your Life

We are like rubber bands. When we grow and progress in any area or get past any obstacle in our lives it is like we are stretching to new heights. We’re stretching beyond our limitations. Once we’ve stretched, learned and gained the wisdom from those experiences we can never go back to the previous shape. You are a better person with what you’ve learned through the growing process.

Read articles written to enhance your home, self, and family. Discover new and delicious recipes. Enjoy the support and encouragement shared for women...

This ebook features articles previously featured on the‘s Deluxe Edition emagazine and is considered a back-issue.
This ebook includes articles such as:
  • Elevate your Life
  • Pita Pizza with Squash and Tomato
  • Book Rating System
  • Bless Your Home With Gratitude
  • Ratatouille Bake
  • Namaste: Yoga before bed
  • Ten Things I Am Letting Go Of
  • Reach Out: Recycle
  • Mommy Maintenance
  • Go Ahead and Make Mistakes
  • Burgers With Cucumber Sauce
  • Cheap Home Makeovers
  • The Rhythm of Our Days
  • And so much more!
Features 19 unique and inspiration articles.

Pages: 40+

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