Monday, August 25, 2008

Introduction, Homeschooling, and TJED

Many people shake their heads at me when they see I have seven children and homeschool. Then they always take a second look at my face and see that I'm smiling and joyful as I state this fact. It is hard for some to comprehend. This is not really the purpose of this blog or my writing. The purpose is to share my love of my children, in homeschooling them, and my passion for instilling the principles of A Thomas Jefferson Education in my home and homeschool.

Twelve years ago I knew I wanted to homeschool when my first child was born. I didn't feel ready, though until she was nine years old. By then I had six children in our home. I made the leap to homeschool and told a friend and shared with her my fears and anxieties over the journey I had begun. She knew a sister in ward (congregation) who had seven children and also homeschooled. I begged for an introduction. This woman became my mentor. She introduced me to A Thomas Jefferson Education and explained the philosophy behind it. I immediately embraced it though I hadn't read any material on it.

A year later, I was able to get my hands on the book A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the 21st Century by Oliver DeMille. I was inspired. Every night as I read, I shared with my husband how I believe the principles in this book go along with the scriptures. It made so much sense to me!

By the end of the year I had in my collection the second book on how to apply the principles of TJED to our homeschool. I am a more relaxed and happy homeschooling mom. I feel confident in what I'm doing and where our family goals lead. I know that this is an inspired educational model and am thankful I was lead to begin.

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