Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bringing Home to the Environment

We have received an opportunity to attend a Constitutional Class. Recently due to the LEMI Commonwealth school we have our two older girls in, it has come to my attention that my 11 yr old is severely lacking in some core issues when it comes to government. So I brought her with me.

It was a little boring for her, but she stuck it out until we were ending and then disappeared to find her sister. I didn't mind because it was quite a lot for an eleven yr. old. In fact, for awhile I wondered if I was doing the wrong thing. Then something funny happened. She started asking questions, and talking about things. The only time I worry about my children is when there isn't a dialogue going on!

It occurred to me that by bringing her with me, she might not be absorbing everything said, but she is in an environment where seeds of truth can be planted in her heart. Things said will come back later in conversations as the exposure begins to take hold and someday, I believe, these things will no longer be boring but passionate for her.

I would love to have these kinds of discussions in my own home. You know, passionate, informative discussions. But first I must expose. First I must inspire. Then I will get to respond. Sometimes, we as mothers have to look outside of ourselves for the inspiration to happen - and then we go get it. We bring home to the environment of inspiration.

What are we reading this week?

We are getting ready for a homestudy - which means what would normally pass the Mom inspection does not pass now. So reading is at a minimum but we are still reading...

Dad - ???

Mom - Prophets, Pinciples, and National Survival complied by Jerreld L. Newquist, King James Version Bible (NT), Making of America by Cleon Skousken, and No Doubt About It by Sheri Dew

Scholar - Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury & BOM in both Italian and English

Practice Scholar - John Adams, Reluctant Patriot of the Revolution by Lenard Falkner & BOM in both English and Italian and Making of America by Cleon Skousken

Love of Learner - The Cabin Faced West by Jean Fritz

Core Phasers - The Very Hungry Caterpillar and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Series...

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