Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Reading

I thought I would get a jump on this week since I totally forgot last week.
Let's see

I am reading:
Sarah's Quilt
Resumed reading Jane Eyre
The Read Aloud Handbook

Son (core/LoL)

Daughter (core)
Bob Books
being read aloud to: Anne of Green Gables

Family Reading
Gospel Principles

It is a light week since we are busy doing fall festivities. Oh and we just went to the library to get a bunch of books on frogs as some friends of ours just gave us two frogs. My daughter is really excited.

This week I have struggled with the SECURE, not stressed aspect of TJed. I suppose as mothers we all worry about whether or not we are doing the best for our kids. As a mom of all core children, I am not always able to see the end picture. I struggle with trusting in the process, and yet I have seen it be successful in other families. I find myself caught in the trap of comparing my children to others or worry that I didn't do enough to "educate" them. While I realize that these can be "conveyor belt" mentalities, never the less, forsaking them is hard to do. It is hard to change the thought process and to view as what seems a little accomplishment is actually a lot or in reality it just doesn't take as much time to ready our children for the world as it would seem to do in the public school education. At least this is the thought I am holding on to for now. I see all to often that my structured time is interfered with or that I can not give my time to that "magical moment" or that opportunity for QUALITY, that one of my kids are in at the time, because we have to leave for another appointment for our son with special needs. So lately I am struggling with the Secure aspect and I am feeling a LOT of STRESS.

Well, back to deep breaths and baby steps. Did Rachel DeMille Say 1 day in 10 is good? I think that that is doable, definitely not hitting 5 in 7.


Dawn S. said...

I definately can relate to this! I'm also trying to get off the conveyor belt and feel secure that my kids WILL learn, but boy it is sure hard to let go of that comfort zone in a workbook. This curriculum I'm doing this year has been a Godsend. It will get easier. I do have to say it is really cool when you realize the kids are hitting those milestones like TJEd talks about.

Just know you are not alone. :)

Jessa F said...

Dearest Heather,

I dare say that even 1 in 30 would be better than public school. Your children are treasures and you have instilled in them a love of learning and reading that is obvious to me! Please be gentle with yourself, dear friend.

P.S. We have a purple cardigan of your daughter's.

P.P.S. There is a "Fun Friday for Homeschoolers" activity at the library from 10 a.m. to Noon on Friday, and we are planning to go if you would like to meet up there with your younger two.