Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kindredmamma as Mentor

Reading the post of Mother as Mentor really got me thinking about the TJed philosophy, "Teach what is mine." This is a very appropriate focus for my mostly Core Learners and for when the enter LoL. I have struggled with this because, what is mine, doesn't feel like enough. Therefore, I need some more "what is mine." After all I must chart the path of example in order for them to follow. So I have begun reading a lot and sharing what I am learning. But when it comes down to it, until I have broadened my own horizons, I am really all about the fiber and paper arts. So lately I have begun to teach A and C how to knit and I let them have some scrapbooking supplies just so they will be busy so I can scrapbook, but check out this site. What a prefect solution.

SCORE!!! Right now I would just love for the Hockey Jams song to come on (they one they play whenever my favorite teams (the Colorado Avalanche and the San Jose Sharks) Score. (I am sure other teams have this song too in the NHL, but that is not my focus).

I will write more later becasue we are off to the scrapbooking store. I figure it is a lot like scrapbooking and notebooking combined. "Hey!! It's educational, so I have a GOOD excuse to spend more money on my paper fetish!" Well that and I have coupons for Michaels, JoAnn's, and Hobby Lobby that are burning a hole in my pocket.

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texasblu said...

LOL! What a way to share what's mine! You go! :)