Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Update for Salisbury's

I'm ahead on our curriculum, so I'm trying to decide if we are going to go forward or just take an early, long break for Christmas. The problem for us taking long breaks is that it is hard for us to get back to work.

I'm still loving this curriculum. Last week we studied horses and I was impressed that Hannah actually took an interest in the subject. We had studied these a few months ago, but it was nice to have refresher. We have also been studying Colonial Christmases. Very different than what we have today and I was shocked to learn it was not a children's holiday. I had thought I would try to replicate the gifts for colonial children, if they may have received some, but it's been very difficult to find things and then I thought it wouldn't be as special because I doubt my kids would play with the items. I settled for a small train case and have put some hopefully special items in each one for the three older kids. I feel good about it, I hope they like it.

I have been thinking about how my style of teaching is fitting into the TJ Education mode. I talk about a curriculum, but honestly, if I didn't have one to follow, nothing would ever get done. I have noticed as the year progresses that I have been able to feel out how each kid learns and modify to fit their needs. I've also been able to not feel so guilty when we haven't had the most successful day, but on the way to an errand my kids will ask about a topic and we'll have some of the most fascinating conversations.

One day last week Jesse went with Curtis to work since he didn't feel good and I had another appointment to get to. Curtis had him doing pre-algebra and multiplication, a report on a current event and then had him read one section of the Federalist papers. Anyone know what those were? I didn't either. Maybe he should be doing the schooling? I felt like the pre-k arts and craft teacher after hearing that report. I get stuck between: are my kids old enough to comprehend this stuff (so we do too easy of work) to it says it's for ages 8-12, but I'm not understanding the material (so now the work is too easy). The days that work the best for us are when they have a good mix of activities. School is usually in the mornings or early afternoon for us and if I can keep it interesting, we all love it. I've had to get away from text books and workbooks, which used to be my favorites, and I still do find some work sheets to do, but it's usually more creative stuff they need to work with. It's so interesting how we've evolved.

Family Reading:
Me: Feng Shui Make this Your Lucky Day
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Christmas stories for families (one a day)

Curtis: Prince Caspian to all the reading

The kids are not reading anything right now except what has been read to them. I just got done paying for 3 books that were lost or damaged to the library, so we've not returned until I could get those paid for. Sometimes the library is a blessing and a curse.

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texasblu said...

I know how you feel about the library... :D

Good for you in knowing what you need! So many of us flounder trying to figure US out - you're miles ahead Dawn!