Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mt. Vernon

We are studying George Washington now and this week's project was to build a dollhouse replica of Mt. Vernon. I don't think we got it exact, but we did a virtual tour of Mt. Vernon and I was suprised at what the boys put into the house. It wasn't too long of project, and we all enjoyed making it. When it was done I took my grandmother's dollhouse furniture she built and put it in there, just so we could see what it was like. Hannah loved it! I loved it! I didn't hardly notice it was made out of a shabby box. Yes, even at 35 I got joy out of playing in a dollhouse. My grandmother made a dollhouse 30 years ago for this furniture. Even my grandfather got in on helping her build some of the things. All of the rugs, the linens, and the furniture were made by her using a skill saw or her sewing machine, although the lace canopies and doilies were crocheted, and one of the quilts looks hand stiched. The dollhouse was a 1900 era house, so I realize it didn't exactly fit into George Washington's time, like the kitchen. My favorite room she made was the kitchen. I was surprised that some of it has lasted this long, but a lot of it is falling apart and breaking easily. The only reason I knew it was 30 years old was because I had a newspaper clipping of Grandma and her dollhouse.
Here's some pictures for you all. I added extras of just the furniture.

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texasblu said...

I love this - just adorable!