Monday, November 24, 2008

Colloquia This Month

We had a great colloquia this month. We read Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol".

The book was very close to the movie, but had details and a better perspective of the emotional transition that Scrooge underwent during the visits.

My book had some old fashioned illustrations which made it nice when I tried to picture in my mind what Dickens was envisioning when he wrote this book. Some of the old fashioned decorating or terms were a bit hard to picture.

During the meeting we broke down each ghost and the symbols involved with each one. We got very indepth and it was quite enlightening.

After reading these classic books and having our little discussions at Colloquia, I then love to read the reviews on Good Reads. It helps me see the book, the writing, and the author in many other ways. Be warned, don't read the reviews until you have finished the book. I've come across spoilers that weren't termed spoilers and learned things before I wanted to about a protagonist or the storyline.

What are you reading for Colloquium?

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