Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Family this week

We are on no formal books this week. We are scrubbing away making things shiny and nice in the home. I have been dwelling a lot recently on family work. It seems to be going well, despite the crazy schedule. We have not made a definite decision for our son J, but are trying to be creative in our approaches for now, though that may change.

I think aside from finishing A Tale Of Two Cities, we will be immersed in reading about Thanksgiving and readying our home for the Holidays. We are feeling rather festive and creative. Our goal is to have a more pioneer Christmas. The kids are enjoying thinking of crafts they can make for each other and I am anxiously trying to finish all the homemade gifts I felt brave enough to tackle.

We will be putting up our tree and other festive decorations on Friday. Baking, sewing, scrapbooking, painting and making homemade ornaments will be the study this week.
Happy Holidays!

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