Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting to Know You

Do you remember that song, Getting to know you? Was it the sound of music? Hopefully I won't be busted by posting off topic here, but let me just say that in checking out all the links and blogs from this blog and reading some and "getting to know you." has been a blast. Welcome to my tribe ladies!
What a privilege and inspiration to get to know you. That and now my blog has a new makeover, since y'all (that is what little is left of having been born in Texas) are such crafty bloggers, I just had to "LLLovingLLLy LLLift the whole download some background pages for your blog. Must go to bed...spent too much time playing on my blog.



Shiloah Baker said...

Heather, love the blog! Its been fun getting to know you too! :)

Marie said...

"Getting to Know You" is from "The King and I" I love that musical! I just found this blog and am so excited to get to know so many TJED moms. I'm not a mom yet, but my family that I grew up in is a TJED family now. And I have a wonderful (homeschooled) husband. So now there's a new family just starting, and joining the ranks!