Monday, September 8, 2008

Secure, Not Stressed

Shiloah, I just sent you an email saying I lost the topics.. sorry! Please resend! :)

I wanted to write about an experience I had two wks ago. I was at a meeting in Idaho Falls where parents are working out the kinks to start a commonwealth locally. There is already a commonwealth in Pocatello that my children attend, so I mostly went to watch and listen, to see who was involved, etc.

My husband and I arrived a little late due to work schedules, so we sat in the back. Introductions were going on. Not only were parents to introduce themselves, but they were to ask a question that was burning on their mind. As we listened to the other introductions, I mulled my question over. Finally the woman conducting the mtg asked me for mine, and I confessed I didn't have one. Other parents had asked either commonwealth type questions or pretty basic questions (ie: does TJed really work). I made the statement that I was in that secure, not stressed state, and since we were already attending a commonwealth, I didn't have any questions pertaining to that either.

What really bothers me about this moment was there was a gasp that erupted around the room. I heard some say "Wow" and other words of the like, and I felt that some of these parents looked at me like I either had it perfectly down or I was lying. Neither were true. I am SECURE in the process. I know it works - I've seen miracles happen in my own home as I've put it into practice. Commonwealth has been FABULOUS. We used to drive over 2 hours to get my oldest to Pocatello - this year my husband is teaching Italian at the school. I'm not STRESSED at all about the future - it's going to be great, esp. as I keep working on my own CORE.

I write that down because I heard Dr. DeMille once say that we're always working on CORE - isn't that in a book too? Sorry, I've read too many of them to remember references anymore - I need to do some revisiting to freshen my mind. Anyway, it bothers me a little when people say they are stuck in CORE. Do you read the Bible once and then never pick it up again? No! We read it over and over... why? Because we're always working on CORE! (Assuming you read the Bible, of course, if you don't choose a core book of your own and insert word.)

So, the big confession is, I don't have it all together - but I am not stressed about it. I just expressed frustration to two mothers last week how I was 37 yrs old and I hadn't figured out a part of me yet! It doesn't mean I'm not secure. I know eventually it will all come together for our good, as long as I keep moving forward. Which, I do. I think secure not stressed is that inner peace you feel when you know you're on the right path. That's where I'm at - and it's weird, but the more secure I feel, the less questions I have. Maybe because I know I'm the one with the answers - I no longer look for answers without - they're all coming from within (as in answers to prayer). Which, if you think about it, as the expert of my home, makes perfect sense.

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Jess said...

Hi there.. just found you guys doing a google search... I keep hearing about the Secure not streessed... but am having trouble finding more info on it...

I am totally following you guys.. you rock!! =) THank you for sharing this...