Sunday, September 28, 2008

Group Discussion

This week was a little off so one night we sat down to finish up school for the day after supper. The topic turned to death and age, and I have really been wanting to have a talk about how they are a chosen generation and what that meant. Isaac had mentioned a few times that he was scared to die and this was another moment we took to discuss why we shouldn't be scared of death. Isaac made the familiar "It's so hard to..." excuse.
Oh, how we all complain at some point or another about how hard something is. Life, tests, school, car problems, whatever. Name it and we've probably complained at some point about how hard life is.
We talked about Joseph Smith and his trials. We talked about the pioneers. We talked about the apostles and life after Jesus died. We talked about my struggles, our families hardships, the colonists (Jamestown and Mayflower) hardships and the list went on. Eventually we weren't even talking about what we were "supposed" to be talking about or on track with our school work. I don't know if it helped quell Isaac's fears, but I had their attention for about an hour. By the time they had to go bed no one really wanted to as we had enjoyed that time together, the talk, and the questions that were brought up.
As was stated on here before, I also bought the Noble Birthright Curious Beings Epic Adventure. I have learned so much in the three short weeks we've been studying it. The points that are presented, especially scriptural, have opened up some huge discussions on the topics. I don't think Curtis and I have had as many discussions about something in a really long, long time. It is drawing us closer. It is opening up many more facets for us to follow. It has been wonderful.