Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Salisbury Reading and Other Comments

Out here in Nebraska, we don't have a colloquium. I would love to have one, but as such so far, I'm one of a handful of spread out families that homeschool here. I'll just have to include myself in your colloquiums from a distance. *wink, wink* Curtis and I have read some books and discussed them. When I can pry him away from the computer we usually have some really good discussions.

I wanted to list some of the books that I have found to be really good and interesting.

The Secret Life of Bees (This is one of my favorites and just read it this spring).
Anne of Green Gables and other books by L.M. Montgomery
Bleed, Blister, And Purge: A History Of Medicine On The American Frontier
No Time on My Hands (Pinnacle Joe's wife's memoirs; she revitalized quilting)
A Midwife Story (Midwife that delivered for the Amish)

This week we are reading:
Dawn: Robinson Crusoe
Erma Bombeck: When you look like your passport photo, it's time to go home.
Native Americans in Nebraska

Isaac and Jesse (LOL): Flower Fables
The Tempest (Shakesphere)

Hannah: (Core) Still working on Fancy Nancy

Simeon: (Core)Thomas Train books (He spelled TRAIN this week from memory)!

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texasblu said...

Robinson Crusoe was the first "official" classic I ever read.

You know, there are discussion forums for classics on the site. Just FYI. :)