Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Colloquim Perspective

I have had the privilege over the last year to participate in a women's colloquium with a small group of dynamic mothers. Women who are a strength and a vital force in my life. While we haven't been able to participate in the children's groups it has for a while due to our family's schedule, I fight very hard for my one night a month with them. Let me just be perfectly honest and say the books are not my favorite part our group. I love the potluck dinners we share together. Imagine a group of mothers bonding around a meal, sharing our excitements, sorrows, and concerns. The food is a vast array of our uniqueness that at times inspires a recipe exchange. And the funny times where we all brought dessert and then had to order Chinese. But mostly it is the encouragement and sisterhood that is gained from it. It is in part a small village and their influence at these meetings impacts my role as a woman, mother and wife. When too much time passes in between our gatherings, I miss these women. I would have to say that they are my De facto Indian tribe. Sometimes I want to just build a tepee for myself and my family so so we can go live with Rhonda, Robin, Britta, Syndi, Rachel, Marie and their families. Instead I live in a city where we have to drive at least twenty minutes to see any of those people. When I read the words about Kindred Spirits in The Anne of Green Gables books these women are that to me.

Well now I guess I should speak on the books that bring my "tribe" together. This month we are reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. And let me just say that I could totally use some "highly effective habits," who couldn't? This particular book, as is many of the books we chose, is on the list for the 5 Pillars Certification from George Wythe University, a TJed resource. This one in particular gave me a sense of where DeMille gets the "you, not them" philosophy. I am only 2 chapters into it, and now I wonder why I procrastinated in reading it. I will say that next month I am going to request that we read something for fun. I need a break from this genre. I may just suggest Robinson Crusoe since some of you are enjoying it so much! I haven't read that yet.

What is my family reading?

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Jane Eyre

Andrew (Core..with occasional bursts of LOL)
Buffaloes Before Breakfast (Magic Tree House Series)
Newly into reading recipes and cooking. His new self-appointed job
Children's Illustrated version of Treasure Island

Cassandra (Core- not yet reading, so I read to her)
Island of the Blue Dolphins

Jeremy and Seth (core)
Thomas Trains books
And we are always in search of the Letter F this week and we search for it in every book we read.

Family Reading time books
Little House in the Big Woods
The Blue Fairy Book
Skillet Bread, Sourdough and Vinegar Pie
The Scriptures
A Child's History Of America

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texasblu said...

Let us know how you like Island of the Blue Dolphins... I read it a few yrs back and never met anyone else that had read it. :)